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tv   Headline News  RT  June 10, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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you can't come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk the whistleblower behind the disclosure of a massive u.s. surveillance operation comes forward saying he'd rather surprised all than idly watch the american government destroying people's privacy. the u.s. also comes under fire for its stance in the gulf one i keep some weird activists claim you controversial internet regulations have led to chew i read any further curbing also need x. . and in turkey police crackdown on protesters for a tense night in a royale with rallies in the capital demanding the prime minister resigns the gaining momentum of. congress from mali in mineral wealth as global
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policies are being drawn to one of the poorest countries on earth to exploit its natural reaches our t. has a special report from the war torn nation. it's a very warm welcome to you if you've just joined us here on r.t.m. to bomb would say let's take a look at the news this hour. there's also a bombshell leaks that revealed the massive scale of u.s. surveillance says on mosques himself twenty nine year old former cia technical assistant edward snowden disclosed the documents that prove that washington was secretly collecting phone records and spying on the internet activity of millions of people exposing himself to possible prosecution he explained his motives were the need to inform the public of the operation then president obama's failure to provide the transparency that he promised i could be you know rendered by the cia i
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could have a people coming after me or any of their their third party partners. you know they would they work closely with a number of other nations or you know they could pay off the triads for you know any any if their agents or assets we've got a cia station just up the road in the consulate here in hong kong i'm sure they're going to be very busy for the next week. and that's that's a fear i'll live under for the rest of my life however long that happens to be you can't come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk because they're such powerful adversaries the no one can meaningfully oppose them. if they want to get you they'll get you in time meanwhile the u.s. department of justice has already launched an investigation into the. do a form i am i five office then a whistleblower lady much sean about what's making people in the intelligence community reveal the truth despite fears for their future. this happens time and
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time again and as the the powers of the states and the powers the corporate corporate estate become greater and people come more concerned about civil liberties not just within their own countries but also the implications around the world people are worried about this the implications so i think that more young people within the intelligence agencies are going to think well actually are we doing this for good reasons or bad reasons and they will speak out well often people who do blow the whistle do try and deal with it in-house i mean certainly we do is you go to your boss if you say this is wrong we say that you know perhaps we should learn from mistakes made or whatever it is and they tell you just to shut up not rock the boat and now particularly we're looking to situation where intelligence agencies are being asked to spy on their fellow citizens or to draw up cia drone kill lists across the middle east or to kidnap and torture people terrorist suspects and we have a situation now where young people are going to be coming into this and thinking all is this right should we be doing this to our fellow human beings and if it's not right what can you do raise the boxes that goes nowhere you're told to shut up
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. the only other way and in this internet age i think is to go public and get the maximum exposure. as always we're eager to hear your views on the stories we covered today in our online poll we're asking what the future might be for edward snowden now that he's come forward let's take a look now at how this opinion is divided almost a third of you predict that you might see a bradley manning's fate and will be thrown into jail in just a little less the believe that he's or he might do a good thing lunges example and seek refuge in a friendly embassy a quarter of you think that reckon the case is too complicated we need to make predictions and less than twenty percent of you and eighty percent say they feel snowden that might be eliminated to prevent any further leaks r.t. dot com to let us know what she think. but it's not just the infringement of
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people's privacy that is put washington under fire support for several gulf states where a crackdown on internet freedom has reached new heights resulting in a rest and bans is also causing deep concern which is you've got a piece going to explain. let's now take a look at the us friends who are known to have somewhat suspicious methods of upholding the democratic freedoms of their citizens qatar the united arab emirates kuwait bahrain and saudi arabia in saudi arabia local media has reported that the authorities are asked mobile providers to find ways to monitor encrypted messaging and apps like viber skype and whatsapp and if these up locations could not be monitored they would then be blocked while last month senior saudi religious clerics declared those who use twitter are risking their mission end quote lose both this world and their afterlife let's move on to qatar and are seen by many as a regional media hub a state which openly supports radical freedom fighters in syria is now looking at
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punishing websites and social media with new internet codes under the new draft the authorities will be allowed to remove news videos or post even factual ones if they think they violate the sanctity. of privacy this brings us to the united arab emirates a country ruled by seven hereditary rulers were political parties are banned by a law their citizens can be jailed for tweeting like the recent case of a man who received ten months behind bars for describing the legal process around a group of civil society activists quote in bad faith in kuwait this year alone at least six journalists and dozens of activists have been arrested on charges that include insulting the emir on twitter other widespread charges for online criticism from users are threatening national security and offending religion all on the web but the jail sentences are anything but virtual and sometimes stretch to two years behind bars despite kuwait being ported to the international covenant on civil and political right finally last but not least by her reign last week six bloggers were
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given one year in prison each after they were found guilty of misusing the right of free expression and insulting the king even though apparently their angry tweets were merely criticism of the authorities. given this disturbing string of incidents across the gulf states many wonder why washington is ignoring the persistent human rights violations the marina point takes a look addressing these gross human rights violations is problematic for the obama administration you see america has military bases throughout the gulf region which not coincidentally helped form a strategic envelope around iran additionally the us is in the midst of a major buildup of american military forces in the persian gulf more warships additional attack aircraft and most recently a laser weapon systems have been deployed to the region in two thousand and ten president obama struck a ten year sixty billion dollar weapons deal with saudi arabia and despite
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bahrain's bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters the u.s. has reportedly continued to provide tens and tens of millions of dollars worth of weapons ammunition vehicle parts and communication equipment to the country now critics accuse the u.s. of conveniently turning a blind eye to human rights violations in the gulf region for its own interests and geo political purposes. when it comes to. who has been running. thirty. people towards murders. no repercussions only. so the bahraini government armaments we saw in them also. was to enforce russian. tourists silent. most americans
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do not know we are supporting this all referred to as long as the gulf states continue standing under america's protective umbrella experts believe those nations will remain emboldened to violate human rights and democratic principles with impunity reporting from new york. r.t. . coming up later in the program rosy estimates that the french president has suddenly declares the end of the eurozone crisis but that's cold comfort for those of facing record high unemployment and topples territory across the continent. with friends in the middle of a troop withdrawal from mali and a un peacekeeping force is still deployed beam the country is facing growing uncertainty and it's not just security that's on people's mind many fear that international involvement might not be limited to military operations with one of the country's few thriving industries apparently being made by foreign corporations or his maria national digs into the story. little mina and attains herself while
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her entire family is at work her mom dad brothers and sisters are all miners and one of molly's many so-called traditional gold mines. will make a hole the size of a body with this and then we dig deeper and deeper. the industrial mines with serious investment from big foreign companies work with machinery although often referred to as government mines their role in fact private was only twenty percent of their revenue been paid into the country's coffers those who work in traditional mines don't have to pay the authorities but at the same time they don't get any help either the whole is narrow and deep they dig until they strike gold or some of the mines here go down at the depth of sixty metres the equivalent over fifteen or a twenty story building the tunnels are so cramped there is barely any room for
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movement with no support structure it looks like it. was carried here or you were serious about. who you thought was overseas she. got her this mine and tells me here is ten here working on the ground for hours if it wasn't really what i'm asking that if you minutes brigade it becomes difficult with a lot of oxygen. this is the hardest part of a very long process rocks are extracted before being pounded sifted and washed if the team gets lucky their hours of back breaking work will produce some grains of gold the mines raised by this say you will then be divided between all those who went down the pit sometimes as many as a thousand miners. are not happy as i work more hours than i get for having spent around five hours here we are dirty exhausted and terribly dehydrated people here usually work from ten to eleven hours per day every evening they're paid but not in
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cash they're given rocks taken from the mine this may contain gold if it doesn't they just left empty handed with this game of luck is for many mullins of their only way of getting paid but it seems their dreams of wealth in one of the poorest countries on earth could be dashed as the government moves to ban traditional mines that it's on a huge scale we lose a lot of money the black market is growing there's no proper type system and we don't get a penny from that. book at the moment but officials complain the traditional gold exploration is not about helping the poor to become more affluent but about exploding them to make the wealthy much richer than they were before molly's gold expiries have more than tripled in the last decade yes mullins indeed seem not to be man the beneficiaries. but not all believe the authorities intentions will diminish poverty is that it will buy you the guns are the only care about big
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corporations i don't want to come in and take over our country's mineral wealth and suddenly i don't care about ordinary people that just got on the bottom that is that this november and joint moland suisse venture will start operating the country's first gold refinery with a monthly capacity of half the country's any oil production it will require a huge increase in exploration at least seven chinese geological agencies have already arrived in the country with many more likely to follow this long will these others change anything for the better for people for the future of these people remains uncertain like their income and it's not clear whether they will still have even their meager place under the african sun. or a fashion r.t. from mali.
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and in a few minutes high dead and austerity make life harder and harder for the british as the government struggles to keep the economy out of her session that's just a hit. and. i. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry was a big. mission
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. critical free. free. free. free. free. free blog video for your media project free media r t dot com. thanks for staying with us you're watching our team police have once again clashed with protests in turkey's capital on a tenth my nationwide anti-government demonstrations what started as a local environmental campaign last month the soon escalated into violent clashes but even tear gas and water cannon have failed to dent in the activist mood artie's read english go with the details now well again the protesters have come under fire from police and on karada says this. second day in
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a row that such such an event has happened and all cries one of those is the one of the church which has been under a lot of pressure to react to the protests in fact it has been gassed or somehow the water cannons have been used on protesters almost every single day off the protests which have been going for more than a week at this point almost two weeks in istanbul worrying trend here is that the prime minister continues to talk about his supporters who are also getting ready to go to the streets don't want to see. their patience is running thin and those who are siding with the prime minister are ready to take to the streets and express their points of view is that of course happens that all the palace are experts at predicting. the next thing civil unrest in the country and all of them of course are hoping that that will not be the case as it stands at this point people and. show absolutely no determination to go anywhere they have been camping out here and
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extreme and in the park for more than a week at this point their main demand was also to see the prime minister leave his post but the prime minister obviously has made it clear that he is not going anywhere. international relations expert told as prime minister said one has become a hostage to his own self centered politics this is the problem to him as well as his trump card he's playing on the cult of personality and anybody who lives. in flight magazines as well as the program. has to. be gone from. history because. the prime minister. may mean the people. who are perhaps chafing under his very heavy handed and dominant personality may perhaps begin to feel they could pull the rug from underneath him he would. know. and you can always i catch up with the stories we're
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covering up for you online of the latest news analysis and comment on just a click away at r.t. dot com and it's also waiting for you there right now but after sending a red turtles the worms and a monkey into space iran announces a new benchmark in its a vicious space program find out what that is online. so one of russia's most celebrated ballet dancers and they call a sort of god this will not have his contract renewed to find out why the bolshoi theatre has dropped one of its household names at r t v dot com. we speak your language as i think about the war not against. programs and documentaries and spanish matters to you. a little too much of angles story. here.
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find out more visit actuality. in a surprising show of optimism french president francois alon has declared the end of the eurozone crisis but his words unlike you just sound convincing to many europeans facing record high unemployment and painful belt tightening measures all across the continent and as are teased as also your reports even the heart of the e.u. brussels of fails to offer any opportunities for those left without work and the means for survival. i'm forty seven and never saying i will go from door to door for as for was him nobody. nobody needs me you know how can i say i'm messing around. i don't see any future for us here we have to go back and back to their native rumania nico at the mill you ran into financial
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trouble after denny backman few years ago in order to repay the debt they thought they'd try their luck elsewhere a fruitless journey that took the italy to germany denmark and i'm sure done before finally ending up here in the e.u. capital brussels really can't find anything. they tiny and people complains they don't have anything to work we try to go to germany. he's much tougher you know because we don't know the language only english is the same like anybody everybody say we don't have anything to work everybody complains . all of this part of the field where we've been. it's an unpleasant situation that's quickly becoming the norm in the course of stricken european union and the seventeen nations euro zone in april the jobless rate went up yet again to twelve point two percent compared to twelve point one percent in march that's nineteen
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million men and women in the whole e.u. twenty six point five million people are out of work the figures are even worse for the other twenty five's as youth unemployment in some countries has gone through the week. in greek any strange thing out there and young people are out of a job that has just incredible labor mobility last week greece so that they can move from high unemployment area to open employment area like for example in germany clearly that's easier. done that for people like nikko and his wife what these latest unemployment figures show is something already known that europe is struggling to find ways to create jobs but what they don't show are the day to day lives of the twenty six and a half million unemployed your peers many of whom are desperately finding ways to put an end to their struggles to end up thinking. yes yes
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i know that a lot of people are going about the losses side of last generation if you compare the youngest group with the middle age group or with the only strange group is not the youngest. the biggest problems is to middle age category was most problems after forty forty five your chances of finding churches are really very meaningful so you're almost on them for life being unemployed until you're your pension and that is exactly why meek is now forced to think about woodturning called to me but i want to go back home because. i don't see anything here. it's very hard to find a job and everybody look at chu like don't we want a war like you are how can i say like a suspect you know i don't understand why we have idea we have here for luggage a man who want to steal something don't go with luggage in the way this they seem
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to see don't belong here this is you posed to be like a big family but nothing like that. i'm very sorry to say that. this or sylvia or t. brussels. and outside the monetary union the europeans are still feeling the pinch of dead and austerity is still being a painful mixture artist business presenter katie pilgrim takes a look at how the british are coping. british people are feeling the pinch at the supermarket the petrol pump a monthly utility bills are rising while wages remain the same the economy is two point six percent smaller than the pre recession pages you can see just here more than five years on and the difference between germany and the united states is is evident to see just here the u.k. is significantly behind us for inflation then this means british families are struggling to make ends meet food prices in april were four and
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a half percent higher than in the same month last year while energy prices were up two percent at the same time the rising cost of living means consumers are losing their appetite for shopping and this puts the british recovery on hold the main worry is for britons right now include not being able to afford university tuition fees paying the mortgage or even getting one in the first place the spiralling cost of childcare so i asked brenda kelley from ivy markets what the underlying problems are starchy terms to make a little bit more difficult for people what we do need to see is a consumer recovery consumer confidence recovery and of course if you're a stir in there and of course high debt both from a public and private sector point of view it doesn't necessarily inspire confidence and without that you want of people spending you will have people pretty much saving and trying to deal of ridge and pay down their debts or all of this does little to convince the british public that the measures are boosting the british
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economy. some other world news in brief for you this hour at least seven have been killed in large scale taliban attack at carboy international airport in afghanistan insurgents seized a building outside the airport and opened fire some of them reportedly wearing suicide vests a series of explosions were also heard outside the facility which houses a large nato base. at least seven people have been killed and dozens wounded in yemen's capital sanaa when the police reportedly use live ammunition on shia protesters the demonstrators had gathered outside the headquarters of the country's internal security service demanding the release of political prisoners yemen has been plagued by sectarian violence between the shia minority and the ruling sunni for almost a decade. sudan has frozen security and economic
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pags away the south sudan as tension escalates between the two it follows an order by the sudanese president to halt all cross border transfers from the south he claims the neighboring government is supporting rebel groups in sudan stoppers it comes just three months after the country's ended a dispute over the cost of oil transfers the sultan became independent in twenty eleven following decades of war. when guard blasts and a suicide bombing have left at least thirteen people dead in a town just north of the iraqi capital baghdad the attacks targeted a busy market in the shia area no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks of the country seen a recent surge of sheer sunni violence. coming up on our spiritual quest said to meet a very special community that report is just a couple of minutes away.
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six san diego residents were thrown off of an airplane not for what they said but how they said it because they said it in another language russian in fact a paranoid and cowardly steward on the plane told them that they had to clear out just for speaking another language to be here yes of some group of people were to commit a terrorist act then speaking in a foreign language would be a good tactic i can't deny that and four years ago do america better get on the ball and learn to speak english adequately but there is a problem about fifty million tourists visit america every year according to the u.s. department of commerce and trust me not all of them are canadians if the u.s. is going to have millions of tourists arriving in traveling by air then don't be
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surprised when they speak their own languages if you're going to throw foreigners off of airplanes just for speaking their native languages then you're going to have to basically throw people off of half of the planes flying over the united states but that's just my opinion. download the official publication to yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. any time anyway.
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yes. you. know that. we settled here in the nineteenth century. and then some of them to canada. am harris was. how do we handle in their face teachings from generation to generation where are the usual christian attributes they have a form of christianity.


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